Our story


eleven + vyn ™️ is a luxury jewelry, accessories and lifestyle brand - the embodiment of love & faith via exceptional handcrafted designs with functionality and purpose.

Inspired by a steadfast desire of telling organic and relatable stories with wearable art that is elegant and edgy and would stand the test of time, eleven + vyn ™️ was born. Founded in 2016 by Rose Yutuc, a visionary from Southern California, she was able to integrate early life adversities with an unrelenting passion for turning them into something beautiful. Rose drew further inspiration from her devout faith in God & her daughter, Devyn Rose. The end result is a dream that transitioned from reverie to reality.

eleven + vyn ™️ embodies collaboration and positivity, because Rose believes that together we are better than standing alone.  When we support one another we can thrive to be great!

At core, eleven + vyn ™️ is a brand dedicated to making women feel beautiful, confident, loved, and inspired.  No matter what stage in life you are going through, our jewelry is a personal reminder of self-love and empowerment.  Each piece is meticulously hand assembled and handcrafted with care and positive intentions - to insinuate your personal style.  With every item sold, a portion of the proceeds go to feeding hungry children in Los Angeles & Orange County California and helping end human trafficking.



In 2019 Rose gave birth to her son, Jordan.  She wanted to honor both of her children leading her to re-name her jewelry line to  eleven + vyn. 


Why eleven + vyn?  

Eleven signifies the birthdate of her son Jordan who was born on 11.11.

The plus sign signifies positivity, positive intentions, faith, and we are better together than alone. 

Vyn is after her daughter Devyn             


"I am extremely grateful for my customers who support and love the brand.  I am inspired by them daily!  I hope when you wear eleven + vyn you are reminded that you are loved and worthy.  Thank you for believing in me and going through this journey with me." - Love Rose


Going forward, eleven + vyn ™️ hopes to inspire people across the world to follow their dreams and become the best versions of themselves.