Meet the designer: Rose Bryant


Meet the designer and founder - Rose Bryant. 

In 2016 she followed her creative dream to design timeless and purposeful jewelry that represented faith and positive intentions. 

It all began as a personal hobby after giving birth to her daughter Devyn in 2014.  Rose was suffering postpartum depression- and when creating jewelry, she felt a sense of calm, healing, and love.  Her faith through Christ and jewelry making helped her through her depression - that's when Rose was inspired to start her jewelry line- naming it Vyn Jewelry - after her daughter Devyn.  

In 2019 Rose gave birth to her son, Jordan.  She wanted to honor both of her children leading her to re-name her jewelry line to - eleven + vyn. 

Why eleven + vyn?  

• Eleven signifies the birthdate of her son, Jordan who was born on 11.11.

• The plus sign signifies Faith, positivity, positive intentions, and we are better together than alone. 

• Vyn is after her daughter Devyn      

Her passion and desire for helping others became a reality.  Rose started giving back to her community in Southern California- and with every jewelry piece she sold she gave 10% of the proceeds to The Food Bank,  to help starving children.

After years of dedication and hard work, Rose’s love for Jewelry was being recognized.  In the beginning of 2022, Rose was given a short segment on television with Good Day LA.  She shared her journey with eleven + vyn and was able to showcase her craft.   Shortly after, Madewell stores invited her to collaborate.   


"I am extremely grateful for my customers who support and love the brand.  I am inspired by them daily!  I hope when you wear eleven + vyn you are reminded that you are loved and worthy.  Thank you for believing in me and going through this journey with me." - Love Rose